Grandma's 80th Surprise Birthday Party

There are hundreds of pictures I wish I would have taken, but I'm glad I got these. What a beautiful party for a beautiful woman. My Mom and my sister did an amazing job of planning and preparing all of the details. I just showed up ;) 

We love you GG!


Happy Mother's Day


The password is: momsday

It's hard to believe how fast time flies. Oh how I miss those sweet little voices!


Welcome to our family, sweet boy

Considering Leo is two months old, I thought it about time to introduce him on the blog. 

Leo Maxwell Brown
August 26, 2013 3:13pm
6lbs.4oz. 19.5 inches

Leo's birth was almost identical to his predecessor's. I guess I am fairly predictable when it comes to labor and delivery. I told my midwives early on in my pregnancy that they could plan for me having this baby at 37 weeks and that I will probably come to the office dilated pretty significantly at my appointment. The general response I received was "rrrrright, right okay {eye roll}." I don't think they believed me. So I wasn't surprised, but she was, when she checked me at my 37 week appointment and I was dilated to a 7. You see, I'm kind of a freak. I have really irregular contractions that aren't painful for about two weeks preceding the "big event." Even while sitting in the hospital bed, dilated to a 7/8, I was still having non-painful, mostly irregular contractions. See, freak I tell you! It was only after my water broke that this baby decided to get serious and get down to business, if you know what I mean. Insert epidural somewhere in there that decided to work only in my right leg. Why I have been stuck on getting an epidural is beyond me. It only worked 1 out of the 3 times for me so if there is a next time, I'm saving myself the giant needle to the spinal fluid and going au naturale anyway. So maybe forty-five minutes of intense contractions, one "I absolutely CANNOT do another contraction!" and BAM, he's out. I figure it's a trade off for the 7 months of puking I have to endure to get them here? Fair enough.

She laid his teeny tiny body on my chest and we stared at each other for a good long half hour, at least. He was so alert and calm and I remember telling him how cute he was and not that I was expecting him not to be cute but dang, he was cute. I remember watching him blink his eyes over and over as he tried to focus on me and thinking he was going to have brown eyes like his Daddy (so far they are still blue). I remember counting his tiny fingers and toes and breathing a sigh of relief that he was finally here and he was perfect. He was so prayed for and so wanted and so anticipated and he was ours. Ah, that moment. I would relive that moment a million times over if it didn't require, well you know, a million children.

I love all my children the same (but different, because they're different), but I've never been one to bask in the newborn stage. I mean come on, let's get growing so we can have some fun and maybe be a little more independent? Not so with this babe. For some reason I feel like I truly appreciate all of it, all of him, this time around. Pregnancy hormones did some pretty crazy things to me emotionally this time and once he was born I felt totally relaxed. There have definitely been some moments of total craziness with three littles, but Leo has brought such a special, needed peace to our home. We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us with his sweet spirit.

 Right before my midwife checked me. Thumbs up for swollen summer pregnancies!
 My nails matched the hospital gown perfectly but was completely coincidental.
 When I was finally having contractions I had to breathe through.
 Sweet little man fresh from the womb.
 One of the best moments.
We have three children. 


Ivan Turned 3!

 Er, I mean Captain America turned 3!
I kind of felt the need to go all out this time. This was his first official birthday party and I wanted to help him feel special before the impending arrival of his baby brother.
The superhero theme was so fun. I heart boys.
Thank you Target, for somehow always knowing what I {don't} need.
 My sweet, sensitive boy. Stay soft, buddy.
Ivan's "best fwend," Samuel.
Black widow was there, too.
Leave it to me to find the biggest tunnel available!
Obstacle courses for all.

Every ounce of work was worth it for this boy's smile. He melts my heart.

We threw together these "faux" weights last minute and they were so funny.

And one superdog for good measure.